Saturday, January 30, 2016

18 of the Very Best Months

my favorite little man is eighteen months old today. no longer a baby, but in full on toddler mode. this has been the best 18 months (and the hardest, most difficult, blah blah blah) but really the very best. being a mama to my little man is the best. thing. ever.

so much has happened in the past 6 months. lincoln is not only walking but full on running whenever he wants to get somewhere fast, and so often he wants to move fast. he is just as much of a dare devil now as he was 6 months ago and is the most curious little boy. he absolutely loves to help us in the kitchen and i would be ecstatic if i had a mini-chef in the making. he also still loves getting outdoors, playing on the slides and going in the swing. it's been a cold and snowy past few months so we haven't had as much outside time as we usually get though so little man is always full of lots of energy.

over the past few months we've had lots of new transitions and lincoln has handled each and every single one as a champ. kevin went back to school full time and i went back to work. lincoln spends three days a week with my mom (his nana) and two days a week in daycare. the drop off transition was a little rough, but it didn't take more than a day or two until he was perfectly content with the care providers and now he doesn't even blink when we leave.

we've celebrated halloween, thanksgiving and christmas with our little man and each holiday has been so much better than i could have ever imagined. having kiddos for the holidays is absolutely the best!! for halloween, we picked out pumpkins and carved them with the family. we got to celebrate thanksgiving with the family and then spent all of december doing as many festive events as we could including cutting down a christmas tree, visiting the gingerbread competition, sledding, baking cookies, a christmas eve party and of course a visit from santa. and lincoln got to visit with his grandma who lives back east for christmas when she came to visit over the holiday.

he is slowly starting to talk more and more. we've got the standard "mama" and "dada" down pretty well, but he also says "nana," "uh-oh," "O" (for my niece Ocean), "nigh nigh" and "buh bye" as he waves goodbye to you and has recently started saying "more" while also signing it. we're hit and miss with "pop pop" but he understands so much i can't even believe it. he also signs "milk" and "all done."

every evening we tell him to go get ready for night night and he runs to the bathroom to brush his teeth, pick out a story and wait to be lifted into his crib. if he wants to go outside or go somewhere he'll bring you his shoes and run to the front door. he grabs our keys and tries to "unlock" the front door, and he loves taking porter on a walk and insists on holding the leash. at nana and pop pops he wants to play the piano all by himself, and will not let anyone sit on the bench next to him or play the piano keys. he's starting to not just crawl up the stairs but hold onto the railing and walk up all by himself.

and teeth!!! we finally have teeth! not just one or two, but 10 whole teeth have come in. he was definitely a late bloomer when getting those chompers, but they are finally here.

we have our 18 month check up next week and we'll get some final stats on our growing boy.

Little Man's Favorites: 

books: whenever it's nap time or bed time lincoln gets to pick out a story or two to read before bed, he tends to pick out the same couple over and over including: the very hungry caterpillar, brown bear brown bear what do you see?, happy hippo angry duck, and the monkey book.

food: fruit. this kid could eat fruit all day long. strawberries, bananas, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, you name it, he'll eat it. he is also LOVING avocado again as well as hummus.

toy: definitely his kitchen play set he received from nana and pop pop at christmas, but ever since we saw the lego exhibit at the MAC, his lego activity table is coming in a close second!

games: he still loves to play peekaboo, but he especially loves a good game of "chase" where we run around pretending we're going to catch him. his little shrieks of delight make this mama's heart melt!

song: we've started having dance parties at night after dinner and bath time before bed. i can't tell what his favorite song is exactly but he sure likes to get down to any song by meghan trainer as well as "uptown funk" by bruno mars haha!

place to go: little man still absolutely LOVES being outside so any chance we get to go to the park, we know we're in for a good time.

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