Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Adult Rootbeer Floats

have you guys tried "not your father's rootbeer" from small town brewery yet? because if you haven't, run to your nearest trader joe's and pick up a 6-pack immediately!

kevin and i treated ourselves to some adult rootbeer floats this past sunday because we decided we were 10 days into the new year, hadn't broken our respective new year's resolutions yet and needed to reward ourselves. ;0)

it does have alcohol in it. 5.9% ABV to be exact so it's definitely for adults only, but it is the perfect treat for a trip down memory lane. we used the trader joes speculoos cookie butter ice cream for the base of our rootbeer floats and topped them off with "not your father's rootbeer." the two combined perfectly and i see this little treat popping up over and over again this summer when we're looking for a quick way to cool down and beat the heat! the only thing that would have made this better is a big dollop of whipped cream, which i will definitely do the next time we make these!

and don't worry, we let the little guy enjoy a miniature size scoop of ice cream so he could join in the fun too!

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