Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to School Treats

lincoln headed back to school after a two week winter break last week. i wanted to treat him to a little something special on his first day back, so kevin and i picked him up together and headed to starbucks for a little "hot cocoa" treat!

lincoln doesn't get a ton of sugar, and when he does he turns into a sugar monster! so for his "hot cocoa" i asked the barista to make him a kids vanilla steamer with whole milk and half the amount of vanilla syrup. this way he still gets a little "treat" but doesn't turn into a wild man.

i am always amazed at what ends up entertaining our little guy, and he turned starbucks into a toddler play land.  he enjoyed climbing in and out of the big chairs, but the coolest toy was a giant caution cone that he thought was the best thing ever.

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