Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LEGOS at the Museum of Arts and Culture

we had the best weekend! the museum of arts and culture has the lego sculpture exhibit nature connects up through february 7th and we took lincoln down this past saturday. i'll admit that when we had the idea to go, we thought it would be a fun little family outing, but i never anticipated how excited our little man would get. it was awesome to see him so engaged!

we invited nana and pop pop along on our little adventure so the five of us headed out after lunch. the exhibit as described from the MAC's website:

Nature Connects uses the magical fun of LEGO® to connect visitors to the wonders of the natural world. Twenty-seven giant sculptures created from nearly 500,000 LEGO®bricks by artist Sean Kenney of New York include an 8-foot-tall hummingbird, a 7-foot-tall rose, and a 5-foot-tall butterfly. The exhibit aims to spark creativity and foster a greater sense of play in viewers of all ages.

LEGO Brick Sculpture Contest now on display through February 7, 2016! 

at each new sculpture lincoln would point, and ooh and ahh. he'd get up close to the glass cases, bang on them and try and touch each one. we even caught him trying to crawl under the roped off area to get closer to a few of the sculptures. the very best moment was when he saw the bison exhibit and he screeched with excitement! it was the most adorable thing i've ever seen. in addition to the lego sculptures, there are several smaller sculptures created by local students, grade k-12 and tables set up throughout the museum for kids to sit and build and play with legos. it really was a fun and engaging experience for kids and adults of all ages!

after the exhibit we did a quick walking tour of the campbell house and carriage house which we're also pretty cool to see. i grew up in spokane and have never done the tour, so it was fun to see a little bit of history in my hometown.

we ended our educational saturday with a trip to rocket bakery for some treats. it was such a fun day. if you have a little one and live in the spokane area, i highly recommend taking your little's to the exhibit! it will be up through february 7th!

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