Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Man Style - Valentine's Day Edition

valentine's day is less than a month away so this version of little man style is all about love day. i started this last week.  i'm posting items from little man's wardrobe or items i'm hoping to add to his wardrobe now that we've grown out of all of the pre-purchased baby items we recieved from friends and family.

since valentine's day is less than a month away, i thought it would be fun to do a valentine's day version. here you go!

1. Robo Heart PJ Set  - lincoln's valentine's day gift is this adorable wood magnetic robot that he can take apart and build. i fell in love with these robo heart pajamas from the gap and have already scooped them up for him to wear throughout february! and how cute will it be when he opens his robot wearing his robot pj's on valentines day morning!

2. Red Chambray Shirt  - i mentioned last month how much i love chambray and this red chambray shirt is so cute! it would be the perfect shirt to wear on valentine's day!

3. Dark Denim Flannel Cuff Jeans - apparently i really like flannel cuffed pants for our little guy because i picked out two pairs this month that i'm hoping to add to his wardrobe!

4. Red Converse - lincoln recieved these adorable red converse from his aunt amy and cousin ocean for christmas a little over a month ago. you better believe he'll be wearing these through out the month of february!

5. Heart Breaker Graphic T - i love a good graphic t and this one is no different! our little man is quite the heartbreaker if you ask me ;0)

6. Flannel Lined Khakis - please see #3 to understand my love of a good flannel cuff.

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