Thursday, January 14, 2016

Little Man Style

for the past 18 months much of our little guy's wardrobe came from generous gifts from friends and family that we received before he was even born. that has been amazing and such a god-send since purchasing clothes for our little guy hasn't really been all that necessary.

all that being said, i'm kind of excited about the opportunity to go out and start picking out pieces to give our little guy a little toddler swagger if you know what i mean ;0) i thought it might be fun to do some monthly posts on little man's style and some pieces that i'm hoping to add to his closet as well as items he may already have! over the past 18 months or so i've primarily shopped at baby gap, old navy, carters and gymboree. we've recieved a few adorable pieces from h&m kids as well. if there are any must shop (reasonably priced!) toddler/kid stores that you know about, please let me know!

so here's the first rendition of little man style. these are all items i'm hoping to add to his wardrobe!:

1. 3-in-1 Utility Jacket - honestly, the last thing little man needs is another jacket (he has 3!) but i love this utility jacket! we probably won't purchase this, but i love love love this jacket! i, of course, have the mommy version of it in my own closet and i wear it often.

2. Denim Western Shirt - a denim shirt is a necessary closet staple regardless your age or sex. i have one, i'm pretty sure my husband has one and so it's definitely a necessity for our little guy! family photo anyone ;0p

3. Slip On Sneakers - another item lincoln definitely does not need in his closet. he has more shoes than i do! but if i could, this slip-ons would definitely be on my list! (hurry up and grow out of your current shoe supply little man!)

4. Stripe Sweater - husband has a grey and white version of this sweater and i love it on him! i can't imagine anything cuter than my boys in matching sweaters!

5. Last Clean Shirt -  love love love this graphic t!

6. 1969 Gap Logo Sweatshirt  - if you can't tell from the above photo, i really love pieces that have that retro-relaxed-vintage feel to them. i love that this sweatshirt has a retro feel but just seems like such a classic piece (i know i know i'm talking about clothes for a toddler!)

7. 1969 Super Soft Slim Fit Jeans - babies in jeans. i die! we've purchased a few pairs of jeans from old navy and gap over the past 18 months and i love the way they fit our little guy. as he grows, i'm sure we'll continue to do the same!

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