Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekend Recap #2

hope you all are recovering from a long relaxing weekend. we made the most of our long weekend by sticking close to home, running errands and catching up with friends.

our weekend kicked off on saturday with a play date with some of our favorites. the mama's got to drink wine, the babies (i mean toddlers but i'm having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that my little guy is a full blown toddler) got to drink milk. and while the mama's got to catch up on a gossip, the little ones engaged in their own entertaining version of "peek-a-boo!" 

sunday was all about football. sadly our seahawks lost (albeit an awesome comeback attempt) but we made sure to start and end the day with football. breakfast was festive and on point with blue and green pancakes and fruit to get us in the mood to watch our team play. little man was dressed in his jersey and we were ready to cheer our team on to victory. they apparently didn't get the message. 

so to lift our spirits we had a build-your-own-pizza night and little man got to make his first personal pizza! i see plenty of nights like these in our future :) it was pretty cute watching our little pantless chef go to work on his pizza  and you can be sure that more toppings ended up in his mouth than on the pie ;0) 

we all had monday off (mommy from work and daddy from school) so we started our day with a walk to the park. unfortunately, lincoln didn't realize where we were headed and promptly fell asleep one block away from the park, so we turned back and made our way home. at least we got some exercise in ;0) 

the rest of monday was spent running errands, more rounds of peek-a-boo! and getting ready for the week. little man found his way into daddy's desk and promptly decided to cover himself in little "sign here" stickers. the things that entertain our little guy always crack me up! 

cheers to a short week! 

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