Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recap #3

there isn't enough coffee to save me on this foggy monday morning. how about you? we had a pretty eventful weekend which has left me exhausted today. i am definitely not 25 anymore, even though i pretended to be all weekend ;0)

our weekend festivities started early (on thursday) despite the fact that i still had to work on friday. we had a little mini ladies and babies action and got together with some mamas and toddlers. the toddlers had milk and popsicles, the mamas had wine and we all had tacos.

friday night, husband and i had an official date night and got to see a band we've been dying to see again since our pre-baby portland heydays! hey marseilles kicked off their 2 month tour with a stop in spokane friday night at the bartlett and they did not dissapoint.the concert was great, despite the show having to be stopped midway through because a poor gentleman collapsed. he was ok, the paramedics and fire department arrived quickly and took him to be evaluated. the show continued after a quick comment for prayers and well wishes to be sent the man's way.

saturday morning, we had a rough start, but it wasn't anything that homemade chocolate chip cookies couldn't cure. lincoln and i whipped up a batch all before 8 am and he got to indulge in a little cookie dough licking. after that we were off to our first kindermusik class (which we loved!) and then back home for some much needed naps all around.

saturday evening was ladies night and this mama got to go out for dinner and drinks with some girlfriends. i haven't done that more than maybe once or twice in probably two years, so it it felt AMAZING to have some girl talk, sans babies.

we wrapped up our weekend on sunday with a family brunch date at chaps (yummy!) and then some park time.

all in all a pretty great weekend, but i think i need another day to recover.

hope you all have lots of coffee to get you through today!

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