Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Terrible...Eighteen Months?

So, I'll be honest...I was caught a little off guard this past week or ten days when my usually, adorable, totally chill, go with the flow, happy 18 month old started throwing tantrums...OVER. EVERY. THING.

You hear about the dreaded "Terrible Twos" and I've heard that three can be tough as well, but nobody warns you that they. can. start. EARLY.

Let me go back a little and set the mood. Lincoln really has been the best little toddler. We had a rough start to life dealing with reflux and a myriad of other issues (I'm looking at you germy germs and sickie ickies), but ever since he was 10 months old or slow he has been such a good baby/toddler. He listens when we tell him no, he goes to bed relatively easy (and sleeps through the night more often than not). If he falls and gets a bump or we have to take something away from him, he usually gets over it within seconds (seriously!). We even had the daycare compliment us on how great of a listener Lincoln is and how they can "tell" that we enforce rules, etc. at home.

And just as I was patting myself on the back for that one (Go Me!) and high fiving my husband (I literally called him and told him the second I left the daycare), we did a complete about face.

Here's my adorable son laughing in my face because he had us duped with his easy going-ness.

I'd like to blame it on the fact that we're weaning him off the bottle completely and going full on sippy cup, but he's been without a daytime bottle for months (he only got one in the morning and one in the evening after dinner), and his tantrums strike through out the day and they are for a variety of reasons....he doesn't like his breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. We aren't playing with the right toy. We're playing with the right toy but not in the right way. (He also just started throwing his toys.,..oh joy!) I put my shoes on. I put his shoes on. I went to the bathroom (without him...the horror!). Want me to keep going? Kidding. You get the idea.

I also think a huge element is that he has all these big emotions and thoughts and is starting to figure out this world of ours but he doesn't yet have the vocabulary to communicate with us. I was chatting with my friend Nicole (or texting but you know how it goes) and she was explaining that from 20-24 months it was also really hard for her because of the same reasons. (She has an adorable 2.5 year old!) Our little ones are starting to gain a sense of independence and they want to exert that independence, but they don't yet have the tools to fully express what it is they want/need and the usual ways of soothing them and solving their problems (feeding, diapering, cuddling, sleeping, etc.) aren't cutting it anymore, because those little stinkers are smarter than we think.

So...long story short. Any words of advice for a frustrated mama who so wants to have her lovable, huggable, easy going kid back? Other than the obvious...keep calm and drink lots of wine ;0p. Or this too shall pass ( I really hate that one!).

I'm all ears (and eyes!).

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