Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend Recap #6

I'm recapping our weekend a day late, but that's because this weekend was a long one!

It started off with a fun little Valentine's Day party at Lincoln's school where we watched the littles decorate and eat heart shaped cookies and play their sugar loaded hearts out.

Saturday I had a "Galentine" Brunch at my girlfriend's house. We ate delicious food, drank mimosas (grapefruit mimosas are the best!) and sat around and chit chatted while our little ones played away. I went sans little man, so I got a little mama break and it was so much fun!

After brunch, we ran some errands and headed home to relax before making kibbee for dinner! I get so excited anytime I get to make or eat Lebanese food so dinner Saturday night was an event within itself.

Sunday is when everything went south. Lincoln and I were up early and headed out to pick up some surprise Valentine's Day donuts for Kevin. We were on our way back home, when a car ran a red light and we were in a pretty bad accident. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Both airbags in our car deployed and since my hand had been on the horn, the airbag essentially blew up in my hand causing some bruising on both my hands and arms and a sprain in my right thumb and wrist.

I had never been in an accident like that and didn't realize that when airbags deploy it smells and looks like your car is on fire because of a powder that comes out with the airbags. I thought our car was on fire initially and couldn't get my car door open to get to Lincoln and get us safely away from the car. I was terrified and in complete panic mode until I was able to get my door wedged open enough to slide out and get Lincoln out of the car and onto the side of the road.

Our car was completely totaled. The entire front end was smashed in and there was fluid leaking everywhere. I forgot my cell phone that morning, so I was so grateful to the woman who stopped to see if we were ok, let me use her phone to call my husband and parents and stayed with us until the police, fire department and my family came. She also served as a witness to the accident as well.

After our car was towed away and the police were gone, we headed over to Urgent Care to get my hand x-rayed and make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't. Just sprained, swollen and bruised and they sent me on my way with a splint and a prescription for some pain medication.

Needless to say our Valentine's got a little side-tracked, but once we made it home, I pulled out the little gift we had put together for Lincoln as well as a little something for Kevin and we opened our gifts before eating a very delayed breakfast and putting Lincoln down for nap.

Once the nap was over, we took Lincoln over to Nana and PopPop's so we could go purchase a new car seat (you have to replace car seats if you've been in an accident, even if the seat wasn't damaged because the plastic can be warped/damage internally), and head out for a little Valentine's dinner sans kiddo. After dinner, we picked Lincoln up and headed home to put him to bed and have a little date night/movie night in. It didn't last long and after a few minutes, Kevin and I had both fallen asleep. I think all of the excitement from the day had finally caught up to us.

Monday was an extra day off and we spent the day relaxing, getting ready for the week, talking with insurance companies about the accident and ended with homemade pizza with Nana and PopPop.

A pretty long, fun, terrifying and exhausting weekend if I do say so myself.

Hopefully this week and next weekend are better!

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