Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend Recap #7

This weekend recap is coming to you a day late because, honestly, I just didn't feel like writing anything yesterday and my Easter style post had been typed up last week and was just waiting for me to hit the "publish" button on.

So here we go...

Friday night was a date night in and after we put the little guy to bed, husband and I watched Mockingjay Part. 1. We got halfway through the movie before we realized we'd already seen it. Woops! It didn't matter though, because we had enjoyed it the first time and did so again the second time.

After the movie was over, I crashed hard and went straight to bed, at 10 PM, on a Friday. Party. Animal.

Saturday I was up early with my little man and we whipped up a batch of blueberry greek yogurt muffins. They were so good and good for you too! Then we were off to the store to pick up snacks for a little ladies + babies action. I've mentioned this a time or two before, but essentially its a group of mama's who get together with our little ones (all around the same age for the most part) and the mom's get to drink wine and chat/catch up while the little ones play. It's a win! win! for all involved.

That evening was dedicated to a little mommy/Lincoln time while dad got some much needed time off to go hang out at our local brewery. Lincoln and I made dinner and watched some shows before heading to bed early!

Sunday Funday has a whole new meaning these days and we made our way over to the park for some fresh air and play time. Lincoln is quite the explorer and hiked up a HUGE hill all by himself. He is so in love with doggies these days and gets so excited when he sees one in the park. He then proceeded to get down on all fours and "woof woof" like a doggy through the park. Kids. They are hysterical!

After we got back from the park, we made some home-made pizza and curled up on the couch for a Sunday family movie. I was pretty proud of my new pizza concoction - saute'd broccoli and leeks in a little butter and thyme and topped off with burrata. So good! (Oh and ever since our car accident, I've been right back on the dairy wagon eating all of the comfort food I can get my hands on....bring on all the cheese! Maybe next Lent I'll be better ;0/).

Because Lincoln is so into dogs these days, we downloaded Lady and the Tramp (I had no idea it's from 1955!) and he was mesmerized by it! Then it was bath time and off to bed. We're a pretty exciting bunch these days :)

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