Thursday, March 3, 2016

A New Look!

Hello! Hello! Hope this Thursday is treating you well so far. It's almost the freaking weekend and I couldn't be happier about that. Guess what else I couldn't be happier about? My new look!

If you didn't notice, this little blog of mine got a little facelift the other day and I am loving the new, much cleaner look!

I purchased my blog template for the very inexpensive price of $15 from Designer Blogs. They have a variety of templates to choose from and the instructions were very easy to follow. Even for me, who happens to be a little tech "un" savvy if you know what I mean!

And, if you happen to want a custom design, they also do those! My blog is more of a hobby for me, so spending a bunch of money on a custom design didn't make sense, but so many people blog for a career (hello dream job!) that I know custom designs are in high demand!

This isn't a paid review, I was just really excited about the little face lift my little corner of the internet received this week so thought I'd share in case any of you are interested in doing the same thing!

Cheers to the (almost!) weekend!

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