Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Faves!

TGIF! Today is a great day! It's my last day at my old job and the start of a fun weekend.

In standard Friday fashion, here's what I'm loving:


Breakfast with my favorite green masked avenger! This little super hero has me super excited for a weekend full of fun!


Saturday is the St. Paddy's day parade in our little city, so we're planning on taking L downtown to watch it. We might hit up Mobius as well because they're making Leprechaun traps with the little ones. L and I made one last weekend, but you can never have too many traps to try and catch those tricky Leprechauns! I think the Easter bunny is down at the mall too, so we may try and get a photo with him. Judging by our Santa attempt at Christmas though, I'm guessing this might not go down very well. We will see!


I mentioned in the Weekend Recap that L climbed out of his bed in the middle of the night and fell last weekend. I also mentioned that we went ahead and purchased his big boy bed, mattress and bedding. Everything is starting to arrive and I'm getting excited to show him his new big boy bed! I purchased the bedding from Target's new Pillowfort collection and will share photos soon! Time will only tell how the transition to big boy bed officially turns out. ;0p

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I am having issues in the clothing department. Not good ones either. My clothes don't fit and the ones that do make me feel frumpy. I need to lose weight, but I also need to look decent/professional and so I went ahead and ordered a bunch of items from asos this week. Can't wait for them to arrive and hopefully for some of the items to fit decently!


I ordered girl scout cookies from a my girlfriend's daughter, and I'm feeling inspired by these cakes!! And this pie!! Bring on all the girl scout cookies!!!

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