Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Little Man's Easter Basket

Can you tell I'm a little excited for Easter this year? Any good excuse to celebrate a holiday and I'm in!

Last year Lincoln was way more interested in the Easter grass that came in his basket than the actual items. I filled his basket with a few plum organic food pouches, an easter themed book and he got a xylaphone. I purchased a personalized Easter basket from pottery barn kids that i fell in love with and we'll be re-using that this year (and hopefully for year's to come!).

This year we're still staying away from most of the Easter candy (with the exception of the necessary chocolate Easter bunny!) and filling his basket with the lots of other fun goodies.

1. Dragons Love Tacos - I still love the idea of getting books for each holiday. It's a simple way to build up his book collection. I loved reading as a little kid (still enjoy it when i get the chance!) and I hope Lincoln loves it too. I decided to veer off from an Easter themed book since he got one last year, and instead picked up this book. I've heard rave reviews from other mommy bloggers and i'm excited to read it to our little man.

2. Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. - Lincoln still doesn't get a ton of sweets, and these fruit snacks are a special treat for him. While they're definitely not the healthiest option out there, the  bunnies are perfect for the Easter theme and still a sweet treat without actually giving the kiddo a bunch of candy!

3. Easter Egg Chalk - Lincoln was too little last year, but now that he's starting to color with crayons and finger paint, I think he'll be super excited to get outside and use this chalk on our sidewalk.

4. See's Chocolate Easter Bunny - The Easter bunny must have had a contract with See's while i was growing up because every year our Easter baskets were decked out in delicious See's candy! I want to continue that little tradition in the future, but for now just a single chocolate Easter bunny will have to do, because it's not a real Easter basket unless it has a chocolate bunny!

5. Navy Blue Saltwater Sandals - I have been in love with these Saltwater Sandals since I found out I was having a  little one. iIthink they are adorable on girls and boys alike and have been waiting till Lincoln could finally walk to purchase a pair for him for the summer. The Easter bunny will be bringing these bad boys this year!

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