Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Survey Time!

One of my favorite types of blog posts to read is surveys. (I'm fully aware of how weird/boring that might sound to some people). So I thought it would be fun to do one here! I found this over on PBFingers and thought I'd take the survey too!

It's all about what's going on currently!

Currently Cooking:

I posted my weekly menu on the weekend recap and here it is again!

Tuesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup  (Her recipe calls for turkey but I used a store-bough pre-cooked chicken).

Thursday - Polish Sausages with Potato Salad

Friday - Leftovers or Breakfast for dinner (my favorite!)

Our days got a little mixed up so we haven't followed this exactly, but so far I've made the Chicken Tawook  (we substituted rice instead of quinoa and tzatzki instead of the garlic sauce and I added a few more toppings in) and the Tortilla Soup and both were DELISH!

Currently Anticipating: 

Starting my new job! I start on Monday and I seriously cannot wait! I even already have my first work trip on the books which (again, call me crazy!) I'm super excited for. Growing up I always wanted a job that allowed me to travel and it looks like I'm about to start one.

Currently Listening to:

I have been in a musical rut lately. It seems like having a baby (I know toddler) means that a lot of your interests from your pre-baby days go out the window. Music used to be a huge part of my life and Kevin and I made a point to try and go see some of our favorite bands all the time. These days, if it doesn't play on the radio, I probably haven't heard it. That being said, I saw a post on Little Baby Garvin yesterday with a Spring Playlist on it, and immediately decided to download and listen to each and every song. You can find the playlist here. 

Also, if you have recommendations on songs I must listen to, please let me know!

Currently Craving:

Italian food. Someone posted a picture of gnocchi the other day and I instantly had a craving for the Chicken Gorgonzola from Italian Kitchen and the Chicken Gorgonzola pasta from Europa. Somebody take me back to Italy. Right. Now.

Currently Drinking:

Coffee. All day. Every day. And water. ;0)

Currently Day Dreaming About: 

A vacation! I would love love love to go to New Orleans for a long weekend getaway this fall for our 4th Wedding Anniversary. I've never been and desperately want to experience both Bourbon Street and some authentic beignets from Cafe du Monde. Currently accepting donations. ;0p

Currently Indulging In:

PIZOOKIE!!!! I saw this last week on What's Gaby Cooking and it has been on the back of my mind since then. I finally caved and made it last night for dessert for husband, little man and myself. Clearly between the Italian Kitchen craving and this little indulgence, carbs are on my mind. I'll be treating myself to a salad at lunch thank you very much. (insert sad face emoji here).

Currently Avoiding: 

Working out. It's so bad. So so so so bad. Every day I wake up tell myself I'm going to workout after Lincoln goes down for bed, and more often than not I end up making an excuse to not work out. It needs to stop. Reason #1: Pizookie indulgences among other things.

Currently Needing:

My hair did. My nails did. And a number of other grooming items. READ: Currently looking like an aging hot mess. ;0)

Currently Coveting:

This bag! Totally not in my price range.

And these shoes!

Currently Loving:

These two guys! How could you not right?

Currently Reading:

I just finished What Alice Forgot and need a new book! Recommendations?

Currently Watching:

We don't have cable but do have Netflix and Hulu. I'm definitely watching Fuller House, Empire, Greys Anatomy  and Scandal. I'm almost caught up though so now I need a new show! I lost interest in Orange is the New Black as they tried to make it raunchier and raunchier and I can't get into House of Cards. Maybe Mad Men? I know it's an oldie but I need a good show to get sucked into!

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