Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Recap: Easter Addition

Happy Monday! This weekend was a busy one.

We started off with PE for Tots at our local gymnastics studio for the little one. L loved it! It was 50 minutes of pure joy. He got to run on a trampoline, balance on a balance beam and do a variety of obstacle courses. We're still learning how to follow the leader/directions, but I can tell he enjoyed it. That's great news for us as we have him signed up for the next 3 months of classes!

Easter Sunday was spent celebrating with family and we had a busy morning! So much so, that I was still cooking and in my pajamas when it was time to leave for mass with the family. I had to miss out so I could finish getting ready, and while I'm bummed about that, I was so excited to see Easter through L's eyes.

The Easter bunny arrived bright and early and left baskets for everyone along with eggs scattered throughout our yard. After collecting eggs and opening baskets, little man and husband went off to mass with the family while I finished cooking Smitten Kitchen's Ham, Cheese and Leek Egg Bake (it was so good!) Afterwards husband picked me up and we headed off for a yummy brunch with the rest of the fam!

That night, Kevin and I had a date night planned and we headed downtown for some drinks and a concert at The Knitting Factory. While the headliner was Greensky Bluegrass, we actually went to see the Shook Twins. They were so good! We watched them open and then headed over to the Davenport for a nightcap!

Overall it was a great weekend. Hope everyone has a good week!

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