Monday, October 24, 2016

Pumpkin Patchin' 2016

I've mentioned time and time again that this is my most favorite time of the year! It's true. And this past weekend, we got to do one of my very favorite things, our annual trip to Greenbluff!

The whole family gathered at our house Saturday afternoon and we headed up North. Little man was not thrilled to be stuck in the car (that's saying it mildly) but once we arrived, he had a blast! We started with the petting zoo. L got to feed the animals, and while we thought he had the routine down after our trip to the fair this year, he surprised us by wanting to throw the food at the animals this time around instead of letting them eat out of his hands. He finally figured it out, and lots of carrots and feed and goat kisses later, he was a happy camper. The coolest animal by far (that I failed to take a picture of) was the wallaby! He looked like a mini kangaroo!

After the petting zoo (and hand sanitizer), we made our way very slowly over to the patch. We found out that were free tractor rides out to the pumpkin patch, and L was so excited! He is OBSESSED with all things construction and farm vehicle wise, and was honestly more excited about the tractor than the "pumpin."

We picked out several perfect pumpkins and headed off to help ourselves to pumpkin and huckleberry donuts (a must!). While the adults munched away happily, L got to go on a train ride! The big train wasn't working, but they had this adorable barrel train, "Little Toot" for the kiddos to ride. Little man rode the train all by himself and didn't freak out once! This may seem like not such a big deal, but as soon as he realizes he's going to have to do something by himself, he usually freaks out. This time he was all about it and so brave! While I'm so proud of him, it also breaks my heart a little bit as this is one of the first times he didn't need his mama.

After we had successfully stuffed ourselves and secured our pumpkins, we headed back home for the annual pumpkin carving competition. We ate more food, carved (little man painted his "pumpin") and finished up by watching Hocus Pocus! It was a great day and evening and another one for the books!

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