Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween this year was the BEST! Little man was really able to get into it this year since he's quite the fan of "nanee" (candy) on the few occasions he gets it. Once he figured out that Halloween was all about pumpkins and free candy, he was game.

He also had plenty of chances to collect lots and lots of candy in the weekend leading up to the big day!

Friday evening we went to his school's Halloween carnival where they had plenty of toddler friendly carnival games, including "go fish!" Each little one got a prize at each of the stations and when they left the toddler room they got to pick out a prize. We also tried our hand at the cake walk (but didn't win!)

Saturday morning he had kindermusik where he got to dress up in his costume and enjoy Halloween themed cookies and sing Halloween themed songs. By Saturday morning he was quite the fan of this particular holiday.

We had even more fun when he got to visit my office and go trick or treating around the office from my coworkers....he ran from desk to desk yelling "allloweeeen" "more nanee!!! (candy) and "pumpkin nannee."

By the time we got to the main event he was a pro! Knocking on people's doors, yelling "elloooo alloweeen" "more nanneee pease" (more candy please) and "pumpin nanee, pumpin, nannee."
We may still need to work on our "thank you's" but we at least have the please down haha!

We took him out trick-or-treating with our friends, and they made the cutest little shark and turtle combo you ever did see.

All in all it was a great Halloween! Now if only we could convince the kid that the "nanee's" all gone ;0)

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