Friday, November 11, 2016

Mommy & Me Date Night: Daniel Tiger Live!

One of my favorite memories from being a kid was getting all dressed up and going to see a live show with my parents. Whether it was the Nutcracker at Christmas or some other broadway play or show that came to town, whenever we got the change to go, it felt like such a special treat!

My parents would dress my little sister and I up and we'd head down to the Convention Center (now the INB Performing Arts Center) to see the show! It's something I still really enjoy, and Kevin and I most recently got to see the Newsies when they came through town!

L is just beginning to reach an age where we can start to take him to events like this (depending on what the show is) and I could not wait to take him to his first show. So when Daniel Tiger Live! came to town, I immediately purchased tickets. L and I headed out for a mommy/son date night and other than the fact that he's got a pretty narly cold, it was so much fun!

Daniel Tiger Live was at the Martin Woldson 'Fox' Theater downtown and it was buzzing with kiddos of all ages. We grabbed a chocolate chip cookie for L, wine for me and headed to our seats. For the first 45 minutes he was obsessed! And then, just like that he looked at me and said "All done. Byebye." After explaining to him if we left, we couldn't come back in, he assured me it was time to go and we headed out.

It was then on to Part II of our date night. I wanted to end the night with a little treat, so we headed to our neighborhood bistro for hot cocoa and french fries. It was the best first Mommy/Son date night, even with him feeling not 100%.

I can't wait for more of these fun little adventures with my favorite little man!

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