Friday, December 16, 2016

Little Man + Air Force One

Kevin and Lincoln made a trip back east to visit family. They stopped in Dover, DE to visit Kevin's mom, Lincoln's grandma, and then made their way over to Brooklyn, NY to visit Kevin's grandma, and Lincoln's great grandma. I didn't get to tag along this year (stupid work!), but Kevin has done such a great job of taking photos of all the fun they've had and sharing them with me.

One of the many exciting things they got to do is visit the Air Mobility Command Museum on the Dover Air Force Base. Lincoln is into all things trains, planes and automobiles so it was a pretty cool experience for him.

The museum houses over 30 different kinds of air craft, from cargo planes, helicopters and bombers and even one of the older Air Force One planes! Little man was in heaven.

Below are photos from their day.

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