Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Little Man Says

As Lincoln is talking more and more these days, I want to write down and remember each and every adorable moment. Especially when he's in this stage where his "words" aren't necessarily the right "word." Below is a collection of some of my favorites at the moment!

December 2016/ Lincoln Age 2 and half. 

When asked what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas:

"Stinky Ho! Ho!" (Garbage Truck Santa) 

When asked something and he doesn't quite understand:

(Raising his hands to his sides) "I dunno mama I dunno" 

At the end of the night, as we get ready for bed:

Me/Kevin: What book do you want to read? 
Lincoln: "Baby book. Paw Patrol"

He LOVES looking at the photo album from the first year he was born and always asks to see the "Ho Ho" (santa photo) of him.

At all times during the day:

"mama lay (play). daddy lay (play)" 

"No popor (porter) No!" (Poor dog can't catch a break).

When asking to put on a TV show and as we scroll through the options on Netflix:

"Wait Wait wait wait wait wait. No no no no no no. Uhhhhh!!! "(when we finally land on what he wants)

While watching his favorite show (Little Einsteins):

"Pat Pat Pat." (On TV: Raise your hands into the air) Ast off!!!!! (Blast off!!)

And finally at the end of the day as we lay down to go to bed:

Me: I love you Lincoln
Lincoln: "Lub You Mama" *Kiss* 

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