Monday, December 12, 2016


This past weekend, we got our first official snow of the season. We've had a few light dustings here and there, but nothing that has stuck around and nothing that would allow for snow man building or sledding.

We started out the weekend by moving up opening up our Christmas Eve Box. I wanted to be able to enjoy the jammies, holiday movie and book as well as hot cocoa and popcorn all season long, so we decided this would now be a box we open on the Feast of St. Nick. It set the tone for a very holiday themed weekend!

Since we finally had enough snow, we took full advantage! We took little man out sledding at the best snow hill in town and he loved it! We had taken him last year, but I don't think he has any real memory of it, so it was kind of like the first time all over again. Getting to experience all these fun holiday memories with him is seriously the best!

After sledding, because I was still feeling festive, we set about making our first official batch of Christmas cookies! I'm hoping these will last in the freezer till Santa comes, but they are already disappearing fast.

The festive fun continued into Sunday, when we convinced Nana and Papa into heading downtown to the Gingerbread competition (I failed to take any photos, but here's a link to last year's big event!). After making a gingerbread house in less than 10 minutes, we grabbed a quick photo with the Gingerbread Man and his Gingerbread wife and then headed over to the carousel. Lincoln has been asking for nana and papa to take him on the carousel for WEEKS now and it was finally time!

We rounded out our morning with brunch and then headed back for naps. It was a great weekend!

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