Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 in Review

It was another great year full of highs and lows! 

We kicked off January with a trip to the Museum to see the Legos exhibit

In February I got a girls trip to Arizona to visit my bestie! 

In March, we took Lincoln to his very first St. Paddy's Day parade and had a visit from the Easter Bunny!

In April, we celebrated daddy's birthday and in May we celebrated Papa's birthday and Mother's day! 

In June, we headed down to California to celebrate my baby brother's college graduation and took a trip up to Sonoma. 

We also finally finished our "mini" kitchen update in June! 

July was a big month! We went out to Hat Island for the 4th of July, watched movies in the park, threw my sister a bridal shower, and our little guy turned TWO!

August was another fun month. We sold our house and celebrated my baby sister's wedding!

In September we headed to the Spokane County Fair and celebrated our 4th Wedding anniversary. 

October is my very favorite time of the year and the beginning of all the holiday festivities! We headed to the Pumpkin patch, bought a new house and also had some family photos taken. 

In November, Lincoln and I went on a mommy/son date to Daniel Tiger Live! We also celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and found out that Lincoln will soon have a new cousin, set to arrive in June 2017! We also headed up to Greenbluff to pick out our family Christmas tree

December was our most eventful month with a trip to the North Pole and sledding!  Kevin and Lincoln went back east to visit his grandma and great grandma and Lincoln got to go to the Air Mobility Command Museum and saw the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. And last but not least, we celebrated Christmas! The best one yet.  

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