Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

Hello hello! It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap, but we had not one, but TWO park adventures this weekend, along with a trip downtown to Mobius and to check out the St. Paddy's Day parade. All that's to say, it was a fun one....AND I took a bunch of photos. So weekend recap it is!

I am so thankful that it is finally staying late enough in the evenings to get a walk in before dinner. Friday evening, we walked down to the park so Lincoln could play on the swings and we could get the wiggles out. The snow is starting to melt and the weather has been in the upper 40s so we basically thought is was spring haha!

Saturday, we headed downtown to Mobius to play for a bit before heading out to catch some of the parade. I shared more pictures here, but it's safe to say little man is officially a fan of parades. As soon as he realized it meant free candy and big trucks, he was all about it. We actually had to make him leave because it was nap time and starting to rain.

On Sunday the sun was shining bright and early so we headed back down to the park again. We went to check out the new playground they built and while there was still a ton of snow on the ground, little man enjoyed climbing on the new climbing gym, along with going down the slides and spending some time on the swings.

Work has been crazy busy lately and I'm constantly feeling like I'm being pulled in multiple directions at once, but the longer days, sunshine, and trips to the park made me feel better, even if I was having to respond to work emails in between each little trip.

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