Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello! Hello! It's time for another long overdue post!

Kevin had spring break this past week, so I took the second half of the week off to enjoy some much needed family time. Life has been busy lately and I've been working long hours so a few days at home with my two favorite guys was perfect.

We spent most of Wednesday lounging around the house, playing and baking cookies, before everyone took a long afternoon nap. That evening, we used a guest pass to our local YMCA to check out the facility and see how little man would do in the child care they provide. Kevin got to play a few games of basketball, I got in a much needed workout and Lincoln played his little heart out in childcare. We're thinking about joining and the trip was so successful, it looks like we will be.

Lincoln goes to daycare on Thursdays and Fridays and we kept him on schedule so Kevin and I could have a little day date and some time to clean up around the house. After he was dropped off, we headed off to take a spin class (I finally convinced Kevin to spin with me!) and then after a sweaty workout, we came home, got ready for the day and headed off to brunch. It was AMAZING to sit and enjoy our coffee and food for almost two hours without a busy bee toddler wanting to run all over the place. Anytime we go out to eat as a family, we usually eat as fast as we can because we know L won't last long.  Long story short, it was really nice to just sit and talk and eat slowly. I tell ya, it's the little things in life you learn to appreciate after having kiddos! Thursday ended curled up in our bed for a cozy dinner and a movie in.

Friday was errands day! Kevin and I had a morning meeting that lasted about 45 minutes and after that I met up with a friend for coffee and a walk to the park. The sun was shining and it was almost 60 degrees, so it pretty much felt like summer. After coffee, I picked Kevin back up so we could run a couple of errands before grabbing Lincoln from daycare and heading home for an evening family walk and dinner!

Saturday was another busy day. We had a pre-school tour, gymnastics and then watched our beloved Zags advance to the NCAA championship! And we ended Sunday with a long family walk and lots of laundry!

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