Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend celebrating the dads in their lives. We sure had fun celebrating ours!

Lincoln and I woke up early on Sunday to prep breakfast in bed for Kevin. Kevin's not very good at sleeping in and Lincoln's not very good at surprises (hah!) so we did our best to bring dad coffee, presents and breakfast all before 9 AM. After breakfast and presents, we spent some time cleaning the house and doing yard work before all laying down for a nap!

We all napped because we had big plans for that afternoon!

Once we were all awake we headed out to Big Barn Brewing! We spent last Father's Day up at Big Barn as well and I think we've started a new Father's Day tradition. Big Barn is a small, local craft brewery up in Greenbluff. Every Sunday in the summer they open up their tasting room, host live music and bring in food trucks. It was a blast!

We spent almost 4 hours up at Big Barn before calling it a night and heading back home. We wrapped up the evening and put little man to bed before calling it a night ourselves.

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