Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hat Island 2017

This past weekend, we took our first trip of the summer out to Hat Island. It did not disappoint! Kevin stayed back to play in Hoopfest, so Lincoln and I headed out on our own along with my friend, Amy.

I was a little leary of our first long car trip with a newly potty trained Lincoln, but he was a rockstar! We brought our little traveling toilet with us and I'm happy to report had zero accidents the entire time! I think he's really got this potty thing down.

Anyways, we left Saturday morning and made the trek across the state, caught the ferry on time and made our way down to beach all before 5 PM. Lincoln LOVED building sand castles and dipping his toes in the water. We're still not quite brave enough to go all the way in (and let's be honest, that water is COLD), but we are getting there!

We spent Saturday through Tuesday on the island, with my mom, Amy, Lincoln and myself and just enjoyed the sunshine, good food and yummy drinks. I also sufficiently introduced Lincoln to "Cocktail Time" and I'm pretty sure he's now going to associate chocolate milk with cocktails for the rest of his life, hah!

On Tuesday morning, we caught a ride back with one of my mom's friends in her boat and the ride was bumpy! The weather turned a bit on Tuesday and the water was really choppy. Lincoln was not a fan of the big waves and bumps and clung to me for the entire boat ride, but we made it safe and sound. Once we got across, we met up with my brother, Griffin, to check out his new ride, and enjoy lunch before hitting the road back to Spokane!

It was a great first trip!

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  1. Such a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing your happy place with me!

    1. Thanks for coming!! We love it when you can join us!