Sunday, June 11, 2017

Little Man Says

It's time for the most recent rendition of What Little Man Says! I've got some good ones this time around so be prepared to laugh your little heart out. Lincoln is on a role and is saying the funniest things these days.

Since learning that we're throwing a joint birthday party with his bestie:

Birfday party, me, zeke, cake, zeke, me , birthday!

When he walked into kiss me one morning...

Lincoln: (kisses) ohhh stinky. 

Me: You made a stinky? Did you poop? 

Lincoln: No, mama stinky. (Apparently he doesn't like my morning breath. Noted Lincoln)

Said about literally any small child in our near vicinity:

My best friend? Best friend! 

Toddlers have the best ways of delaying bedtime! Lincoln's new line (because he knows it melts my heart and I'll let him say it over and over again) at bedtime after reading our stories:

Me: Goodnight, I love you. 

Lincoln: Arms stretched high into the air...I love you dis much! Dis much! I love you dis much!" (on repeat)

As I was putting him down one night:

Me: Lincoln did you chill with your homies today? 

Lincoln: Yea....chillin with homies mama (I am loving that he repeats everything these day (sometimes haha!)

When Kevin went to discipline him the other night:

Kevin: Lincoln, Time out please. 

Lincoln: Bad Daddy. Go away. Bad daddy. 

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