Monday, July 17, 2017

Cherry Picking!

This past weekend we headed up to Greenbluff to pick cherries for the first time! Kevin has gone in the past with his mom, but it was mine and Lincoln's first time up and it did not disappoint!

We started at Beck's Harvest House because they're doing a special where they brought back their famous pumpkin donuts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. I've mentioned it a time or two before, but we LIVE for those pumpkin donuts come Fall, so the chance to snag them early was AMAZING.

The "country limo" picked up up to take us out into the fields and we snagged a ton of bing cherries. The Rainier were already pretty picked over, so no luck there, but we didn't mind. After picking close to 5 lbs, we weighed in, and purchased our cherries before heading over to Walter's Fruit Ranch.

At Walter's Fruit Ranch, we fed the sheep! And then headed out to their cherry orchard to see what we could find. Similar to Beck's, most of the Rainier were picked over, but we did manage to find a few. In addition, there were a ton of Lapin Cherries, which are a mix between Rainier and Bing. So we filled our bag full of those and headed back to grab lunch before heading home for afternoon naps.

It was a fun filled day, and I'm already itching for apple and pumpkin season. Fall can't come soon enough!

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