Monday, July 31, 2017

To My Not So Little Boy...On Turning 3

Today, my baby is turning 3. I cannot believe how fast we got here.


You are the sweetest, kindest, most cuddly little boy I know. You have the sweetest disposition and light up our lives in so many ways. I love watching you grow and learn and be curious each and every day.

At the ripe old age of three you are loving all things construction trucks (still!), dinosaurs and choo choo trains. You are 100% boy and absolutely love playing in the dirt, "camping," and "doing work" with daddy. You desperately need a bath every 6 hours or so, but we're lucky if you get one every other day. Each and every day we drive home, your favorite phrase as we pull into the driveway is "more work to do daddy, more work." But you also love to bake with your mama, and I sure do love baking "keekies (cookies)" with you too sweet boy.

You have the kindest heart and anytime you see someone cry, you race to their side to hug them and tell them "don't cry....ok? no cry." You're in this adorable phase where when you tell someone "thank you," you do so with the addition of a great big hug (the best!). You are just the cuddliest boy ever, and my absolute favorite is when you wake up and crawl into bed with us in the morning to "watch teebee (TV)" while you wake up, and mama and daddy get dressed. We do the same thing each evening as we wind down before bedtime and those morning and evening cuddles are the best! I hope they never end.

You are constant motion as papa would say. You're boundless energy, while exhausting, is also so infectious. You are constantly telling us to "come on!" and "Let's do it mama/daddy" and your excitement and curiosity are so fun to watch. Watching you learn each and every day is eye opening and now that you are talking up a storm it is so fun to have full blown conversations with you.

And while you are kind, sweet, cuddly and curious, you are also very much three and I would be lying if I didn't also say you can be stubborn ( I can't imagine where that comes from) and ornery from time to time. While temper tantrums and hearing "no" are also more frequent these days, your daddy and I are quickly learning that you respond much better if we talk calmly and quietly to you and try and understand your frustration as opposed to yelling and putting you in timeout. You don't like loud noises and harsh, loud voices frighten you and often bring you to tears. In these moments, when mama or daddy have yelled you frequently tell us "mama/daddy scare me." Another sign of your kind, quiet disposition. I can't promise to always stay calm and collected when we are in these tough moments, but I will do my best, and I will always alway say I'm sorry if I lose my temper with you too quickly.

I am so so proud of the boy you are becoming. It has gone by way too quickly and feels like just yesterday, I was holding you as a squishy newborn, but each and every day continues to be better than the next. I can't wait to see what three has in store for you!

Happiest of birthdays to you Lincoln. Your mama and daddy love you so very much.

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